what's your guacamole recipe ? I always buy it cause it never turns out good when I make it :c


Okay this is my family’s recipe of guacamole that’s been passed down for generations…

Jk it’s probably a standard recipe.

But anyways, you’ll need

  • Two medium- large ripe avocados (Get the ones with the bumpy black skin instead of the smooth skinned ones because then it turns out too creamy)
  • An onion
  • A tomato ( I use Romas)
  • Some cilantro
  • A small green pepper (I think I’m supposed to use Serrano peppers but I didn’t have that today so I used a green chile pepper and it tastes the same. Jalepeno peppers can work too)
  • A lime
  • Salt

Okay so, I’m sorry if I’m not really clear because I never measure the veggies I cut, I just kind of put in what seems right lol.


  1. Cut the avocados (take off the skin and pit), put them in a deep bowl and mash them until there’s only a few chunks visible.
  2. (This might get confusing) Cut one tomato in half and cut deep lines on the meaty part so that it looks like squares on the tomato. Smaller squares are usually better because chunky square are distracting. Then cut thin slices of the tomato off so that you have little square tomato pieces. If you’re using a Roma tomato you only need one side, and if you’re using a bigger tomato try to cut as much as a Roma tomato would offer (I hope that makes sense idk)
  3. Cut half of the onion the same way, except you don’t need a lot of onion. Cut an amount equal or slightly less than you did for the tomato.
  4. Just cut the tip of the pepper that you chose and cut that tip into tiny squarish pieces too. These peppers are suuuuuper hot so you might want to put in a little at a time to see how it’s turning out. Tbh you don’t even need pepper if you dislike spicy food, it just gives the guacamole a nice kick.
  5. You only need like, 5 individual pieces of cilantro for it to be noticeable. So just cut that into small sections starting from the leaf down the stem.
  6. Add everything to your mashed avocados a little bit at a time ,  and keep stiring it. You’ll know that you have a good amount of vegetables if you see pieces of it spread throughout the avocados. Just make sure that less than half of it is filled with tomatos, onions, and cilatro when they’re mixed together and it should be okay. You can like, put a little bit of the guacamole in your mouth and if you don’t get a little of everything (minus the peppers) add a little more.
  7. Okay and sprinkle some salt on it , but don’t put too much salt! Sprinkle enough to have a thin layer on top of the guacamole  and then mix it and taste it. If you think it needs more, add a little more.
  8. Cut the lime in half and squeeze it onto your guacamole and mix it

And then like, eat it lol. You can use chips or put it on meals, I personally love eating it by its self.

And if it didn’t turn out too good the first time just learn from your mistakes and apply what you learned to the next time you cook. I think homemade guacamole is sooo much better than store bought (especially because some places put guacamole mix into their avocados, and that’s soooo weird because you can’t even feel the vegetables! idk)

Sorry if this didn’t make sense, my mom just showed me how to make it a few years ago and she never wrote it down or anything so I just practiced (:

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